What Your Shoes Say About You

What Your Shoes Say About Youfeatured

What do you notice when you see a person who is so well put together? Is it the combination of colors they’re mastering, the way all of the outfit components work together, or simply a statement piece that you can’t miss? All three of these ways that an outfit can grab you is tied to what shoes this person is wearing.

Careful selection of shoes is of tantamount importance when choosing an outfit – they just can’t be left out when mulling over what ‘look’ you want to go for today or what color dress you should wear in the evening. You probably even assign them more importance than you realize. Even when selecting a simple pair of black ballet pumps, they are being chosen for their neutral color (in order that a different element of the outfit can stand out), their comfort (we’d all love to wear heels as often as supermodels but our poor feet just can’t handle it) and their dainty elegance–think Audrey Hepburn.

Shoes play a huge role in an outfit, whether they are standing out or not. They can pick up on other colors of your ensemble – matching a belt or complementing the design of a blouse–and serve as an anchor for your color palette/pattern scheme. Even when flying under the radar, shoes are subtly drawing your eyes to either themselves or the outfit as whole, complementing your efforts and highlighting your individual style.

Some women are known for their shoes (Victoria Beckham, the undisputed queen of heels, literally made headlines for wearing flats when she decided to join/pioneer the monk shoe trend) and in this way their shoes really do say a lot about them. A person who selects Doc Martens to pair with their skinny jeans in winter and festival shorts in summer has a far different style than the girl in suede boots or embellished sandals. Footwear can be utilized to express your attitude to style – laid back vs high maintenance – and can of course change the attitude of an entire outfit. A cami and skinny jeans can give all sorts of messages depending on whether they are paired with Docs, ballets flats or knee-high leather boots.

Shoes can transform outfits and really be a testament to someone’s personal style. Their ability to tie an outfit together or transform its message with a simple addition of a pattern or heel is unrivaled. Always pay attention to your shoes and what they can do for you, your style and your future outfits. If you become best friends with your shoe collection, it will reward you a million times over.