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How to Make It in the Fashion Industry

How to Make It in the Fashion Industryfeatured

First things first: do your research. If you’ve decided that you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry, you need to figure out which route you’re going to take. A quick Google search will only get you so far; consider purchasing fashion books and memoirs that will give you an insight into the industry. The Read more

How to Style Button-Ups

How to Style Button-Upsfeatured

Certain items in your closet are automatically deemed essentials—items that never leave, no matter the season or your style. One of the most elegant of these is a button-up. Originally made for men’s polo, the button-up has been revised specifically for women’s office wear. Button-ups can be worn in many different ways from office wear Read more

A Guide to Breton Stripes

A Guide to Breton Stripesfeatured

It’s difficult to explain the enigma and eternal charm of the breton stripe. Perhaps it’s because we associate them with Parisians and their utterly effortless chic or because they cut a universally flattering shape. Breton stripes also carry a pure simplicity and add just a hint of that extra something to a simple jeans and Read more

The Tom Ford Philosophy

The Tom Ford Philosophyfeatured

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” -Tom Ford And wouldn’t we all agree? Even if you think he’s a little biased (as it is coming from one of the most successful names in fashion; his life kind of revolves around it), you have to admit there is truth in his statement. The idea Read more

What to Wear to Workout

What to Wear to Workoutfeatured

Thanks to an endless slew of Victoria’s Secret models publicly exiting the gym looking like they’re on a Lululemon photo shoot and an increase in popular exercise classes—like group spinning sessions and ‘yogalates’—what we wear to workout has become an issue of serious importance. And, if you haven’t noticed, sports luxe has massively taken off, Read more