Evie Presley

Staff Writer

How to Style Button-Ups

How to Style Button-Upsfeatured

Certain items in your closet are automatically deemed essentials—items that never leave, no matter the season or your style. One of the most elegant of these is a button-up. Originally made for men’s polo, the button-up has been revised specifically for women’s office wear. Button-ups can be worn in many different ways from office wear Read more

The Beauties of Minimalism

The Beauties of Minimalismfeatured

Minimalism is the strip down of fashion; style in it’s bare essentials. It takes the term “less is more” literally, and while you might question why trying out this new trend is beneficial to your style, consider that there is beauty in simplicity. Minimalism is the opposite of what trends in fashion usually are: groundbreaking, Read more